Paso Robles, The Pass of the Oaks

The most beautiful place on the Central Coast of California, (apart from Big Sur) Paso Robles is my second home. A place where you wake up with the sunrise to see deer drinking from the trough and red tail hawks soaring through the vineyard rows. 

This picture was taken in the Adelaide during a photoshoot with a family I photograph every year around this time. I grew up babysitting their two kids down in Newport Beach, and strangely enough, they ended up finding a home in Paso where they could let their children get a little rugged in the backcountry while they enjoyed their wine. 

As you can see, it was a beautiful time of the year to do a family shoot in the vineyard. I let the kids drive the ATV's and the parents walked over to our barn where Lone Madrone has a tasting room.